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LFS Homer Turns to Vision X For Lighting Solution

Customer: LFS Homer/Kachemak Gear Shed

Location: Homer, Alaska

Warehouse Interior 4-Foot Linear

Kachemak Gear Shed Exterior

The Kachemak Gear Shed is your “one stop shop” for outdoor recreation, maritime, and industrial supplies on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Purchased by LFS Marine & Outdoor in 2016, the Gear Shed was added to their numerous locations in and around Washington and Alaska.


The decision to move forward with a new lighting solution was prompted by dimly lit work areas and costly electric bills. Inefficient lighting easily contributes to the disorganization of a thriving warehouse, while ultimately wasting dollars on excessive energy usage.


Quality is a key player. Trying to lower electric bills with lights that don’t benefit the size of the space will not save you money in the end. Why pay for lighting where lighting isn’t needed? Not to mention an upgrade to LED lighting, which consumes far less energy than traditional lighting.

Members of the Vision X team traveled to Homer to scope out the density of the project, acquire interior and exterior measurements, and analyze the current lux readings for comparison in our lighting software.

The customer praised the convenience of provided renderings demonstrating where light would be distributed and the calculated lumen and lux outputs of the building and yard.

Vision X lighting won the job ultimately by, “excellent customer service, and superior quality of product,” said Gary Squires, Gear Shed Manager.


After the installation of Vision X lights, “our electric bill dropped by about 28 percent," said Squires.

The visibility of the stocking shelves and storage rooms have greatly improved. Meanwhile, the yard has increased security with reasonable brightness to deter trespassers.

Kachemak Gear Shed Interior Linears

The 4-foot LED linears were chosen to replace inefficient fixtures. They provided the highest lumens per watt and met the client’s budget requirements.

Before installation, we acquired approximate measurements of the interior and exterior space. This allowed us to create a realistic rendering providing our customer with a visual presentation of the illumination data.

Simulation Rendering

False Color Rendering

After Lighting Install

There was little to no lighting in the yard exterior. It was critical to find a solution where luminaires would provide excellent output, be able to withstand the natural elements of Homer, Alaska, and increase security to the Kachemak Gear Shed.

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