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Is there anything Vision X can’t light up!? When a customer reaches out saying he wants to shred the gnar at night in front of his beach house, Vision X Lighting rises to the occasion.

The now-glowing luxury beach home on Mission Beach in San Diego, California is owned by Roger & Elise Norman, president of SCORE International and home of the famed Baja 1000 Off-Road race.

Their contemporary beach home possesses the perfect setting for Vision X’s lighting to shine over three thousand feet into the surf break by utilizing twelve 50” high powered LED light bars. The complete set-up boasts over 408,000 raw lumens shining an abundance of light to get pitted under the stars!

To combat any the salt water corrosion, Vision X uses their off-the-shelf marine grade coatings and stainless steel components for long lasting dependability. Next time you’re in Mission Beach at night, don’t be surprised if you see some stoked surfers in the water enjoying an experience many have only dreamed of.

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