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February 2019

Seattle, WA


Cold Storage Area Lighting

Meat Supplier Gets LED Upgrade

  • Upgraded their metal halide fixtures to meet USDA standards. 

  • Installed 38 all-in-one 50-Watt junction box LED lights.

MacDonald Meat Company has been thriving in the wholesale meat business for over 80 years. Based in the Seattle area, MacDonald Meats provides specialized high-quality meat and custom packaging for local restaurant owners, the Alaska fishing industry, and foreign country ports.

Lighting plays a major role in maintaining sanitary conditions and legal standards where food is processed. To meet USDA standards, food storage areas are required to sustain a light intensity of at least 110 lux (10 foot candles), also recommended as a guideline by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES).

We stepped in to assist MacDonald Meats in maintaining this lighting standard. Upgrading their metal halide fixtures, we installed 38 all-in-one 50-watt junction box LED lights. This light fixture emits 7,000 lumens per 50-watt junction box, increasing energy efficiency and brightening the meat storage aisles for employees.



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