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Eye Wash Station Lighting

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Eye Wash Station Emergency Lighting

Accidents happen. The eye wash station lighting series from Vision X is here to guide you quickly and safely to an eye wash station to prevent permanent damage. Our lighting fixtures are designed to withstand harsh conditions and feature advanced electronic technology. The 50 Watt Junction box and the 10 Watt junction box in this series are both suitable for an industrial work environment and emit a green light for temporarily visually impaired workers to spot and follow.

The 50 Watt Junction box light is offered with a built-in backup battery version. This version senses a power failure and immediately begins driving the LED load in emergency mode at reduced lumen output for a minimum of 90 minutes, in accordance with emergency lighting codes.

View or download the Vision X Eye Wash Station Catalog here.

Junction Box Testing

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